Unturned Magazine ID List

A complete, updated list of all Unturned magazine IDs. Magazines, sometimes referred to as mags, are inserted into guns to provide ammunition. Differentiation between magazines includes the amount of ammunition they can hold, and the gun(s) to which they can be applied.

All Unturned Item IDs 

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Image Item Name Item ID
Military Magazine Military Magazine 6
Military Drum Military Drum 17
Timberwolf Magazine Timberwolf Magazine 20
1911 Magazine 1911 Magazine 98
Cobra Magazine Cobra Magazine 100
Schofield Clip Schofield Clip 103
Ace Clip Ace Clip 108
Hawkhound Magazine Hawkhound Magazine 111
12 Gauge Shells 12 Gauge Shells 113
Ranger Magazine Ranger Magazine 123
Ranger Drum Ranger Drum 125
Nykorev Box Nykorev Box 127
Snayperskya Magazine Snayperskya Magazine 130
Dragonfang Box Dragonfang Box 133
Grizzly Magazine Grizzly Magazine 298
Rail Rail 301
Arrow Arrow 347
Maple Arrow Maple Arrow 348
Birch Arrow Birch Arrow 351
Pine Arrow Pine Arrow 352
20 Gauge Shells 20 Gauge Shells 381
Rifle Clip Rifle Clip 478
Sportshot Magazine Sportshot Magazine 485
Desert Falcon Magazine Desert Falcon Magazine 489
Rocket Rocket 520
Matamorez Magazine Matamorez Magazine 1003
Matamorez Box Matamorez Box 1005
Cobra Box Cobra Box 1006
Sabertooth Magazine Sabertooth Magazine 1020
Avenger Magazine Avenger Magazine 1022
Peacemaker Magazine Peacemaker Magazine 1026
Viper Magazine Viper Magazine 1029
Kryzkarek Magazine Kryzkarek Magazine 1040
Yuri Magazine Yuri Magazine 1042
Nailgun magazine Nailgun magazine 1166
Military Tracer Magazine Military Tracer Magazine 1177
Military Fragmentation Magazine Military Fragmentation Magazine 1200
Explosive Arrow Explosive Arrow 1209
Missile Missile 1302
Blue Paintball Hopper Blue Paintball Hopper 1339
Green Paintball Hopper Green Paintball Hopper 1340
Orange Paintball Hopper Orange Paintball Hopper 1341
Purple Paintball Hopper Purple Paintball Hopper 1342
Red Paintball Hopper Red Paintball Hopper 1343
Yellow Paintball Hopper Yellow Paintball Hopper 1344
Teklowvka Magazine Teklowvka Magazine 1361
Hell's Fury Drum Hell's Fury Drum 1365
Vonya Magazine Vonya Magazine 1368
Bulldog Magazine Bulldog Magazine 1371
Calling Card Magazine Calling Card Magazine 1381
Ekho Magazine Ekho Magazine 1384
HMG Box HMG Box 1395
Shadowstalker Mk. II Drum Shadowstalker Mk. II Drum 1443
Scalar Magazine Scalar Magazine 1449
Maschinengewehr Magazine Maschinengewehr Magazine 1479
Empire Magazine Empire Magazine 1483
Devil's Bane Magazine Devil's Bane Magazine 1485
Luger Magazine Luger Magazine 1487
Swissgewehr Magazine Swissgewehr Magazine 1490
France Carabine Clip France Carabine Clip 3004
France Musket Cartridge France Musket Cartridge 3006
France Kestrel Magazine France Kestrel Magazine 3010
France Kestrel Extended Magazine France Kestrel Extended Magazine 3011
France Fusilette Magazine France Fusilette Magazine 3025
France Rubicon Magazine France Rubicon Magazine 3028
France Viper Drum France Viper Drum 3035
France Banshee Magazine France Banshee Magazine 3038
France Corsican Magazine France Corsican Magazine 3040
France Rhino Box France Rhino Box 3047
France Rhino Large Box France Rhino Large Box 3048
France Hecate Magazine France Hecate Magazine 3051
France Herstal Magazine France Herstal Magazine 3054
France Herstal Drum France Herstal Drum 3055
France Napalm Tank France Napalm Tank 3057
France HVAP Shell France HVAP Shell 3060
France Autocannon AP Shells France Autocannon AP Shells 3062
France Autocannon Tracer Shells France Autocannon Tracer Shells 3063
France Autocannon HE Shells France Autocannon HE Shells 3064
France Autocannon Incendiary Shells France Autocannon Incendiary Shells 3065
France Monsieur Clip France Monsieur Clip 3079
France Military Rocket France Military Rocket 3088
France Makeshift Napalm Tank France Makeshift Napalm Tank 3091
France Energy Cell France Energy Cell 3097
France Crossbow Bolt France Crossbow Bolt 3101
France Kriegs Magazine France Kriegs Magazine 3110
France Karus Drum France Karus Drum 3113
France Musket Coin Shot France Musket Coin Shot 3120
France Kriegs Extended Magazine France Kriegs Extended Magazine 3121
Belgium Thunderwulf Magazine Belgium Thunderwulf Magazine 9001
Belgium Scourge Clip Belgium Scourge Clip 9006
Belgium Acid Canister Belgium Acid Canister 9022
Belgium Phoenix Magazine Belgium Phoenix Magazine 9027
Belgium Leistung Magazine Belgium Leistung Magazine 9031
Wezel Magazine Wezel Magazine 15038
Orel 15 Magazine Orel 15 Magazine 15040
Cobalt Magazine Cobalt Magazine 15043
Dagger Magazine Dagger Magazine 15046
Orel 35 Magazine Orel 35 Magazine 15047
Hollowcharge Magazine Hollowcharge Magazine 15052
Judgement Magazine Judgement Magazine 15055
Vityaz Magazine Vityaz Magazine 23002
Glaz Magazine Glaz Magazine 23017
Canyon Arena Revolver Speedloader Canyon Arena Revolver Speedloader 28001
Canyon Arena Shotgun Shells Canyon Arena Shotgun Shells 28003
Canyon Arena Sharpsman Cartridge Canyon Arena Sharpsman Cartridge 28005