Unturned Melee ID List

A complete, updated list of all Unturned melee IDs. Melee weapons are items that can be used to deal damage to other objects and entities, such as zombies, players, structures and animals. There are a vast range of melee weapons ranging from chainsaws to axes.

All Unturned Item IDs 

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Image Item Name Item ID
Camp Axe Camp Axe 16
Blowtorch Blowtorch 76
Fire Axe Fire Axe 104
Baseball Bat Baseball Bat 105
Hockey Stick Hockey Stick 106
Kitchen Knife Kitchen Knife 120
Military Knife Military Knife 121
Golf Club Golf Club 135
Sledgehammer Sledgehammer 136
Butcher Knife Butcher Knife 137
Hammer Hammer 138
Pocketknife Pocketknife 139
Butterfly Knife Butterfly Knife 140
Saw Saw 141
Rake Rake 142
Flashlight Flashlight 276
Makeshift Bat Makeshift Bat 487
Chainsaw Chainsaw 490
Baton Baton 1023
Frying Pan Frying Pan 1030
Shovel Shovel 1031
Crowbar Crowbar 1032
Paddle Paddle 1033
Pitchfork Pitchfork 1034
Machete Machete 1035
Katana Katana 1036
Scythe Scythe 1174
Pickaxe Pickaxe 1198
Pool Cue Pool Cue 1390
Jackhammer Jackhammer 1475
Zweihander Zweihander 1503