Unturned Gun ID List

A complete, updated list of all Unturned gun IDs. Guns are the deadliest of weapons in Unturned. They use ammunition to shoot, can have several attachments and some can even destroy walls (really!). Models range from the common simple Maple Bow to the best - the mythical, deadly Shadowstalker Mk II.

All Unturned Item IDs 

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Image Item Name Item ID
Eaglefire Eaglefire 4
Timberwolf Timberwolf 18
1911 1911 97
Cobra Cobra 99
Schofield Schofield 101
Ace Ace 107
Hawkhound Hawkhound 109
Bluntforce Bluntforce 112
Zubeknakov Zubeknakov 122
Nykorev Nykorev 126
Snayperskya Snayperskya 129
Dragonfang Dragonfang 132
Grizzly Grizzly 297
Shadowstalker Shadowstalker 300
Crossbow Crossbow 346
Maple Bow Maple Bow 353
Birch Bow Birch Bow 355
Pine Bow Pine Bow 356
Compound Bow Compound Bow 357
Maplestrike Maplestrike 363
Masterkey Masterkey 380
Maple Rifle Maple Rifle 474
Birch Rifle Birch Rifle 479
Pine Rifle Pine Rifle 480
Sportshot Sportshot 484
Desert Falcon Desert Falcon 488
Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher 519
Matamorez Matamorez 1000
Sabertooth Sabertooth 1018
Avenger Avenger 1021
Peacemaker Peacemaker 1024
Viper Viper 1027
Heartbreaker Heartbreaker 1037
Kryzkarek Kryzkarek 1039
Yuri Yuri 1041
Sawed-Off Sawed-Off 1143
Nailgun Nailgun 1165
Tank Cannon Tank Cannon 1300
Paintball Gun Paintball Gun 1337
Teklowvka Teklowvka 1360
Augewehr Augewehr 1362
Hell's Fury Hell's Fury 1364
Vonya Vonya 1366
Bulldog Bulldog 1369
Fusilaut Fusilaut 1375
Nightraider Nightraider 1377
Calling Card Calling Card 1379
Ekho Ekho 1382
Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) 1394
Quadbarrel Quadbarrel 1436
Shadowstalker Mk. II Shadowstalker Mk. II 1441
Scalar Scalar 1447
Fighter Jet HMG Fighter Jet HMG 1471
Luger Luger 1476
Maschinengewehr Maschinengewehr 1477
Determinator Determinator 1480
Empire Empire 1481
Devil's Bane Devil's Bane 1484
Cobra Jam Cobra Jam 1521
France Carabine France Carabine 3002
France Musket France Musket 3005
France Upgraded Musket France Upgraded Musket 3007
France Kestrel France Kestrel 3008
France Extended Masterkey France Extended Masterkey 3012
France Single Shot Shotgun France Single Shot Shotgun 3014
France Fusilette France Fusilette 3023
France Rubicon France Rubicon 3026
France Rattlesnake France Rattlesnake 3033
France Banshee France Banshee 3036
France Corsican France Corsican 3039
France Genaugewehr France Genaugewehr 3041
France Vanguard France Vanguard 3043
France Rhino France Rhino 3045
France Hecate France Hecate 3049
France Herstal France Herstal 3052
France Flamethrower France Flamethrower 3056
France Insurgent Gun France Insurgent Gun 3058
France Sagaie Cannon France Sagaie Cannon 3059
France Autocannon France Autocannon 3061
France Olive Hecate France Olive Hecate 3072
France Autocannon France Autocannon 3075
France Train Gun France Train Gun 3077
France Monsieur France Monsieur 3078
France Chester France Chester 3080
France Military Launcher France Military Launcher 3087
France Focus Rifle France Focus Rifle 3093
France Focus DMR France Focus DMR 3094
France Focus Carbine France Focus Carbine 3095
France Heavy Crossbow France Heavy Crossbow 3100
France Kriegs France Kriegs 3108
France Karus France Karus 3111
France Focus Prototype France Focus Prototype 3116
Belgium Thunderwulf Belgium Thunderwulf 9000
Belgium Vulture Belgium Vulture 9003
Belgium Scourge Belgium Scourge 9005
Belgium Acid Gun Belgium Acid Gun 9021
Belgium Alphadragon Belgium Alphadragon 9024
Belgium Phoenix Belgium Phoenix 9026
Belgium Hartgewehr Belgium Hartgewehr 9028
Belgium Leistung Belgium Leistung 9030
Belgium Slip Belgium Slip 9033
Wezel Wezel 15036
Orel Orel 15039
Cobalt Cobalt 15041
Dagger Dagger 15044
Hospitality Hospitality 15048
Hollowcharge Hollowcharge 15050
Judgement Judgement 15053
Vityaz Vityaz 23001
Glaz Glaz 23016
Canyon Arena Shooty Stick Canyon Arena Shooty Stick 28000
Canyon Arena Shotgun Canyon Arena Shotgun 28002
Canyon Arena Sharpsman Rifle Canyon Arena Sharpsman Rifle 28004