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Each vehicle has been placed into a category, based on its type and function


Cars are the most common vehicles in Unturned. They come in many different shapes and sizes, and have ranging speeds. Most cars have a trunk that can be used for storage.

Car Vehicle IDs


Boats, spawn around the map and, like all other other vehicles in Unturned, require fuel to operate. Some can take passengers, and some even come with guns.

Boat Vehicle IDs


Helicopters in Unturned require fuel, and knowledge of the controls to operate. Some helicopters spawn with guns, notably the police and military helicopters - but they all have characteristics such as different health levels, different maximum speeds and passenger seats.

Helicopter Vehicle IDs


Like helicopters, airplanes in Unturned can fly (and consequently crash if not controlled well). Whilst they do not have guns, some planes, like the Seaplane and Otter can both land and take off on water.

Plane Vehicle IDs


Trains follow predetermined train tracks. Currently there are only two trains in the game.

Train Vehicle IDs