Hummingbird Vehicle ID

To copy the Unturned ID for Hummingbird, simply click the "Copy" button to the right.

Hummingbird Spawn Command

To copy the command for Hummingbird on Unturned servers, simply click the "Copy" button to the right.

You also customize the command by specifying a steam ID or player name to spawn the vehicle near.

Hummingbird Information

The Hummingbird helicopter in Unturned is of the Legendary rarity, meaning it has a rare chance of spawning at a few select locations, these are: any military helipads (PEI, Washington, Germany) and on the Krovi Estate (Russia). It takes up to 2000 fuel and, much like many other helicopters, seats four players.

Vehicle ID 107
Type Helicopter
Rarity Legendary
Health 875
Speed 18.0
Max Fuel 1750