How to Enable Cheats in Unturned

This help article details the steps you must take to enable cheats (giving you access to cheat-only commands) in either single player or on an Unturned server.

Enabling Cheats in Singleplayer

To enable cheats in single player, before clicking the "Play" button, tick the "Cheats" checkbox under the "Advanced" button as highlighted in this screenshot:

A screenshot of the Unturned singleplayer menu, with the enable cheats checkbox highlighted

Enabling Cheats on an Unturned Server

To enable cheats on an Unturned server, you must add the word "cheats" to the commands.dat file. The commands.dat file location may differ based on how you are running your server. Below is a list of where to find the commands.dat file in particular server hosting situations.

Unturned Server Organiser (USO) commands.dat Location

The Commands.dat file is not needed to enable cheats on an Unturned Server Organiser server. Instead, you can click "Extended vanilla settings" and simply toggle the cheats option on from there.

If you still wish to locate the Commands.dat file in Unturned Server Organiser, it can be found by clicking the "Open Server Folder" button to the right of your server console, then entering the "Server" directory.

Locally (Windows/Mac) Hosted Unturned Server Commands.dat Location

If you are hosting your own Unturned Server via your desktop PC (and not using USO), the Commands.dat file can be found amongst Steam's Unturned "common" Unturned files.

By default, your Commands.dat file will be located around:

After locating the Commands.dat file, simply add the word "cheats" on a new line. The below image contains an example in an empty Commands.dat file:

The cheats command, entered in the Commands.dat file for an Unturned server